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Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil Litigation Lawyer

Advocate Prem Kumar is a Milestone in Legal Services based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, a very dedicated, Clients Oriented Best Advocate in Mumbai. Advocate Prem Pandey & Associates finds inventive approaches to determine its customers' debates. On the off chance that those questions can't be settled, Litigation Lawyers in India law office buckle down with its customers to achieve their objectives by contesting cases rapidly and economically. Advocate Prem Pandey & Associates is based Mumbai and has presence altogether significant city of India. Advocate Prem Pandey & Associates has a tremendous involvement with each part of private and business suit, and is all around respected. Advocate Prem Pandey & Associates has dealt with in excess of a few hundreds case at Mumbai court and other court in India.

Advocate Prem Pandey & Associates instructs customers in each sort concerning prosecution. Advocate Prem Pandey & Associates has advocate and Attorney on its board who are profoundly capable, all around perceived in India to deal with your prosecution. It has addressed and exhorted, on one hand, the Government of India and many State Governments and, on the other, enormous Public and Private Corporation. Exploiting its essence everywhere on the world, shows up under the steady gaze of District Courts, Tribunals, Commissions, High Courts and the Supreme Court of India and has been associated with different sorts of issue, for example,

Services & Capabilities

To build a firm foundation we work with new ventures in the following areas:

  • Corporate litigation
  • Civil litigation
  • Criminal litigation
  • Industrial Relations & Labor matters litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Tax litigation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Constitutional litigation
  • Banking & Finance litigation
  • Insurance litigation
  • Infringement suits
  • Securities and Trusts litigation
  • Land/Property matters litigation
  • Client representation throughout the appellate process
  • Arbitration and mediation to resolve disputes without trial
  • Litigation of worker's compensation, discrimination and other employment-related claims
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